Management of your commercial offer and point of sale

Manage your catalog of products and services in an agile way, you can use the POS of sales to sell your products and much more...
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Viavox Experience, Management of your commercial offer and point of sale

Products and services

Manage all types of products or services with different rates and you can even create packages of products and / or services quickly and easily. In addition, you can distribute the products by categories, displaying all the products in an organized way.

Multiple locations

You can create a single product or service with different locations for direct sales and / or for the supply of information to other companies and external channels.

Viavox Experience, Products and services

Contract and rate management

Configure the different prices of your products and also the business rules that apply.

Promotion Management

Have at your disposal the necessary tools to carry out promotions, discounts and marketing campaigns and get a personalized relationship with customers.

Inventory management

Make your business run in the most effective way. Maintain a good control and stock management system, so that your inventory is optimized.

Viavox Experience, Contract and rate management

Comment and opinion management

Review the different opinions provided by users about the products and decide whether the comments provided by them will be published on your website or not.

Viavox Experience, Comment and opinion management

Budget Control

It allows you to make a quotation with multiple products, send it to customers automatically and review the same quote in a single transaction with unique reservation reference numbers.

Viavox Experience, Budget Control

Integration with other applications

Integrates and automates the exchange of data, online travel websites or other business productivity systems. Viavox Experience allows you to easily integrate with global and local distribution systems, APIS, channel manager software, suppliers, among many others.

Viavox Experience, Integration with other applications

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